IT staffing agency migrates to a new web-based staffing portal using Bond Adapt

Norcross, Ga., Feb.20- The Centrics Group introduced a new online job portal in the first quarter of 2012. The new portal provides more advanced tools with which the IT staffing firm can match clients and candidates with the best fit. Hiring managers and IT job seekers can look forward to a better user experience while using the most cutting edge recruitment technology. The new program called Bond Adapt was developed by the British recruiting software company Bond.

Kevin Raxter, Managing Partner at The Centrics Group, believes Bond Adapt will be a great addition to agency’s skilled recruitment staff and keep the company on target for continued success. The IT employment agency had a record month in January 2012.

“It’s important for our continued growth to provide our clients with the best staffing experience possible. The new portal has the ability to integrate with social media platforms, increasing the visibility to potential candidates,” Raxter explains.  “Additionally, Bond Adapt enhances the pool of qualified applicants a hiring manager has access to. This is a great opportunity for The Centrics Group.”

Using Bond Adapt, candidates can complete a majority of both pre and post employment tasks online via The Centrics Group job portal. Beginning with the initial job search and continuing with the application process, job seekers will benefit from a simple way of applying for current openings. The new database updates automatically, allowing hiring managers to manage tasks at their own pace. The technology even cuts down on the time it takes to approve time sheets.

Bond acquired the American staffing software company VCG in 2010. The Centrics Group had been a VCG user for three years before migrating to Bond Adapt as a result of the acquisition.



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