Top Tech Jobs for 2013 (and How to Get one Yourself)

The end of 2012 is upon us, and it’s time to look forward to a bright future in the new year. With the changing calendar comes exciting innovations in technology, and those innovations have a striking effect on the technology job market. Here is our list of the top in-demand IT jobs for 2013:

Mobile Application Developer
It’s no secret, the mobile product market is booming and will continue to grow in 2013. Companies will seek developers who can work in the mobile space to create apps and mobile sites. With a shortage of developers with this skill set, those job seekers who are up to snuff will have their pick of career opportunities.

Database Administrator
As more companies go paperless, and even more move their infrastructure to the cloud, the demand for administrators will rise. Database administrators help store, organize and analyze files. With increasing concerns surrounding security in the cloud, DA’s with security training will find even more pertinent opportunities at their doorstep.

Network Administrator
Network administrators help companies utilize the newest technology to communicate with employees, clients and customers. The demand for experts who can help keep companies on the fast track will increase as technology continues to change rapidly.

The technology field will provide a number of different career opportunities in the coming year, but how can you snag one of these jobs up for yourself? We’ve got some tips to help you place yourself in a position for success in 2013:
Brand yourself and focus on specific instances of success.
Make your resume a space for outlining explicit examples of projects you’ve completed using skills the employer is looking for. This will bring a sense of authenticity and believability to your resume.

Use social media to promote yourself.
Check out our tips for improving your social media presence for job recruiters. Recruiters are screening candidates through social media more than ever, so make sure your profiles are active and up-to-par.

Get certified and trained in your field.
Technology is ever-evolving, so it’s important to cultivate knowledge of the most recent tools in your specialty. Obtaining certifications proves your knowledge to potential employers.

Work with a recruiter to find a perfect fit.
An IT recruiter can walk beside you throughout the job search and help you hone in on the jobs that are best suited for your skill set and needs.