What to Consider Before Accepting an IT Job

In a competitive job market like IT, it’s tempting to accept a job offer as soon as a company makes it. However, before you start picturing yourself in the position, spend some time reading and learning about the company, its culture, ethics, and objectives. Remember that the hiring process is a two-way street. As much as the employer wants to find the perfect candidate, you must make sure you can achieve your career objectives and succeed in the position. Always ask yourself: “is this the right job for me?”

Get to Know the Company

One of the most important aspects to consider before making a decision is the company culture. Make sure that the company culture aligns with your personality, values and beliefs. Learn as much as you can about the company during your job interview. Take a sneak peek at the other employees, see what their offices look like, and observe the activities they engage in on a regular business day. A friendly work environment can have a positive influence on your work efficiency and help alleviate stress.

Discover What Motivates You
This might sound simple, but everyone is motivated by different things. The typical response is compensation, but keep in mind that there’s more to consider about a job than money. Think about what type of management you prefer, how much independence and decision-making power you want to have, how many hours you are willing to work, and what skills you want to develop. These are just a few questions to ask yourself, but these should get you started with evaluating your wants and needs.

Evaluate Compensation vs. Benefits
It’s obvious to want to earn as much as you think you deserve. The first thing to do when evaluating the compensation is to compare it to the benefits you will be offered. Look for things like the company’s 401k program, retirement programs, profit-sharing opportunities, vacation time, insurance programs, and ultimately its pay increase policies. You might want to start with a lower salary at a company that has a quick pay increase policy and feel like you’ve worked your way to earning that dream salary of yours.

Making the decision to accept a job offer comes down to your personal objectives. However, if you want a career instead of a job, knowing your priorities and what motivates you to succeed are what will illuminate the path to job satisfaction.

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