Engineers Planning to Job Hop in 2014

A survey conducted in mid-February by Experis (a unit of ManpowerGroup) is encouraging employers to integrate flexible work options to meet the growing demand for engineering talent. The study of 700 engineers and 200 hiring managers shows that more than 60 percent of engineers may look for a new job this year and around 40 percent are actively looking.

Hiring managers are finding it difficult to fill open engineering positions. According to the annual ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey, engineers are among the top 10 hardest positions to fill nationally since 2008. 88 percent of surveyed hiring managers plan to hire engineers in 2014, however, 29 percent are not confident they will find the necessary engineering talent for their businesses.

IT professionals have come to recognize the best way to increase their salaries is to find new employment. Experis Vice President, Richard Hutchings, says the survey results should “signal a wake-up call to employers who want to keep their engineers on staff.” He also notes that, in order to protect themselves from employment voids, employers must “embrace flexible workforce models so they can tap into talent communities of engineers when and where they need them. With so many engineers planning to change jobs this year, employers don’t want to be left in the cold when good engineers are hard to find.”

58 percent of engineers say they rarely or never have the choice to work remotely, but the number of companies offering telecommute options is on the rise – notably in Silicon Valley. The opportunity for such flexibility may be a contributing factor in an engineer’s decision to job hop.

The confusion between engineers looking for jobs and managers looking to hire can be remedied with the help of a staffing agency like The Centrics Group. Staffing agencies are designed to help find positions for job seekers that match their skills and requirements. These agencies also help businesses fill open positions with qualified candidates.

With so many engineers looking to make a change this year, a staffing agency is a great option to make their job searches seamless. If you are in the middle of an IT job search? Let The Centrics Group’s team of experienced IT recruiters help you find the IT job that’s right for you and guide you through the hiring process. Whether you’re an IT job candidate or an IT hiring manager, contact a recruiter today to learn more about how we can help connect you to the right people. Contact one of our many skilled IT recruiters at 1-888-551-6343 or by e-mail.


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