GOAL! Scoring Your Next IT Star

Picking the perfect IT candidate is like drafting an all-star for your team roster; you want the best people to take your team the furthest while being highly skilled in their respective positions. With the World Cup just around the corner, teams all over the world are preparing their best players with hopes of winning the title. Just like starting a job, joining a team is like an interview or audition process. The Centrics Group outperforms all other IT staffing companies because it analyzes potential candidates as if they were auditioning for a world-class IT team. Through an extensive interview and screening process, TCG can determine whether or not a candidate is a good fit for your team.


In order to pick the best team, you have to choose from the best selection. Expecting to win the World Cup with soccer players who only play recreationally sets the team up for an almost guaranteed loss. The player has to be committed to the sport and constantly grow to become part of the elite. This requires building the right skills and facing the necessary challenges to take it to the next level. This is why The Centrics Group has shied away from traditional recruiting methods, such as online job boards. Job boards make it easy for candidates without the proper experience to apply for jobs they don’t qualify for. We’ve invested our time and resources in more modern recruiting methods such as LinkedIn Recruiter. Each and every one of our seasoned staffing specialists is LinkedIN certified. This means we have the knowledge and training required to narrow down the talent pool and ensure we are only picking from the best candidates available—both passive and active job seekers.


Another method of encouraging high-caliber candidates is dedicating the necessary time to serious “players.” This is why recruiters are so crucial in the hiring process. If everyone had an opportunity to try out for a World Cup team, there wouldn’t even be time to have a World Cup. The coaches and owners would expend so much energy and time watching players of all experience levels, qualifying would be impossible—a situation many hiring managers can imagine after sifting through hundreds of resumes. TCG does its research when recruiting, which is why our clients only receive resumes that are hand-selected and pre-screened specifically for their openings. Furthermore, we take the time to get to know our candidates, because we know it’s important to distinguish between candidates who are serious and candidates who are going to waste your time. Getting to know our candidates has an added bonus as well—a large network that keeps producing even more great candidates. Because our top-notch candidates also produce top-notch referrals, TCG is in a position to meet your next IT all-star before he or she even hits the job boards. So, if you have open IT positions that need to be filled, let The Centrics Group’s team of experienced IT recruiters help you find your next all-star addition.

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