Thankful For IT

As the temperatures drop, the leaves change colors, and the year comes winding to an end, we find ourselves in a month of thanks. November, by default, is centered around giving thanks and appreciating the opportunities within our lives. This month isn’t complete without Instagram and Twitter feeds filling up with “#thankful” or “I’m thankful for such and such” (complete with a picture of a peppermint mocha from Starbucks). If you’re in the IT field and are thinking about what you are thankful for this month, look no further than the fact you’re part of the IT field. As one of the most in-demand careers associated with happy employees, those in IT can give thanks for their employment.

Many people can argue the obvious that having a job – period – is something to be thankful for. However, there’s more to a job than just being employed. According to Forbes, there are currently four IT related careers in the list of the 20 “Happiest Jobs in America.” The top spot is a software quality assurance engineer, and for good reason. Those that hold this position state they are more satisfied with the quality of work, the people they work with, and it also helps that software QA engineers earn a pretty penny for their work. That’s a lot to be thankful for! Tied at number nine are systems engineers and process engineers. The fourth career to land in the top 20 is a software engineer at number 15. Claiming 20% of a list of happiest jobs is pretty remarkable, and certainly something to be thankful for.

Sometimes the perfect combination of work-life balance, great pay, and satisfaction from work don’t always come together, but it appears that a carefully measured mixture of these qualities provide significant advantages of working in an IT field. Many IT employees’ top claim of job satisfaction comes from quality of work. This can stem from the type of work performed to the level of autonomy they have within their field. Those with an IT job can usually agree on the fact that there are significant benefits of working in this arena and that’s something to be thankful for.

With an ever growing and constantly expanding network of opportunities, IT could be just the area in which you could see your career growing. If you’re not thankful for your career, maybe that could be a sign that your job isn’t making you happy. Our awesome team of IT recruiters here at The Centrics Group can help you find the perfect IT career. Our experienced team of recruiters have the knowledge of opportunities best suited for your skill set and can put you in a role you can absolutely be thankful for. If you’re curious about the IT job market, contact one of us today!