New Year, New Job Resolutions!

When we hear the phrase “New Year’s resolutions,” many of us first think of new diets, packed gyms, or cleaning the bad stuff out of our lives. While better eating and a rigid fitness schedule are great for bettering ourselves, few think of other ways to better our circumstances. A new job for 2015 can be the change needed to shift toward a better direction if you’re feeling like you’re in a career rut. If you’re on the job hunt in 2015, take these out-of-the-box resolutions as advice for your search.

Learn from your past experiences

There are few out there who can say they’ve gained absolutely nothing from a job, because even mistakes can be used as viable learning resources. Focus on what you’ve learned from a job, whether it was a very successful project you led or even a task that crashed and burned. Analyze why you were so successful or determine where the task went wrong. When you’re able to grow from past experiences, you can hone in on specific jobs that can make you happier and avoid the ones that set off red flags.

Write a better resume

Adding your most recent position to the top of the resume only goes so far. Dissect your current resume and weed out irrelevant information. Once you’ve whittled down the excess, start adding back quality. The resume is typically the first interaction an employer has with you, so be sure to always have your best ready to shine.

Stay proactive

The best way to get a foot in the door is building your network connections. A majority of interviews now stem from having a personal connection within a company. Responding to job boards is proving to be ineffective compared to having established prior relationships. Create a list of companies that you want to work for and reach out to connections you may already have within those companies. Having a current employee vouch for you goes a long way.

Remain positive

Finding a new job is always a challenge, especially at the beginning of the year with the competition levels so high. The most important thing is remembering to stay positive. Discouragement leads to negativity, and the more negativity that builds, the more you project these emotions. Maintaining a positive outlook ensures a smoother journey on the road to a new job. Do not focus on whether or not you’ve heard back from an employer. Instead, keep focusing on the end goal — a positive atmosphere where you find yourself successful and thriving.

If you are in need of career advice on how to land the perfect job for 2015, contact one of our talented IT recruiters today. We can help you optimize your efforts for a New Year’s job hunt!

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