Qualities of Candidates We Love

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air. Here at The Centrics Group, there’s nothing we love more than fabulous candidates.

There’s no such thing as the “perfect candidate,” but some can get pretty close. These are the dedicated self-starters who excel at whatever tasks are thrown their way and always seem to have a great attitude through it all. There are many qualities an employer loves about an ideal candidate, and we’ve compiled a few that stand out the most.

  • Work Ethic – Hard work is the foundation for great work. Hard-working employees always want to see the fruit of their labor flourish, and this can only help the company overall.
  • Likability – Every employer wants friendly and easy-going people around to help boost overall morale. When you have a lot of likeable people working together, it creates a thriving, positive work environment that produces great results. A lot of companies pride themselves on giving the feeling that the company is like a family, and becoming a part of that family can often be achieved with a great personality that plays well with others.
  • Sense of Humor – This often goes hand-in-hand with likability, but sometimes having a sense of humor doesn’t mean you’re the one consistently cracking jokes. Often times, work can be unexpected and things can go awry. When a bump in the road happens with a huge project or major deadline, employers like to know that their employees can shrug off those speed bumps.
  • Passion – This quality speaks for itself. No employer will say, “my business was built on mediocrity.” Success is driven by passion, and employers seek out those who exude passion and dedicate themselves fully to a cause.
  • Leadership Ability – Leadership does not have to come in a managerial position. You don’t have to be given a leadership title to excel. The ability to take control of a project or be the first one in, last one out some days can speak volumes when it comes to leadership. This shows the employer you can handle pressure, take initiative, and excel—all great things that employers love.

If you are a dedicated, motivated individual possessing these qualities and are looking for a job in the IT sector, contact one of our many talented IT recruiters today. Chances are—we’ll fall in love with you too!

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