Forget Horseshoes and Leprechauns: The Luckiest People Have Jobs in IT!

Hot Points:

  • This St. Patrick’s Day, those working in IT should feel extra lucky.
  • Both Glassdoor and U.S. News (Money) rate IT jobs among the best in recent reports.
  • Growth opportunity and high salaries contribute to overall IT job satisfaction.

Most people would agree that holding any job is reason enough to feel lucky, but there’s something about being in the IT field that’s extra special. Maybe it’s the large pot of gold associated with a highly technical position, or maybe it’s the chance to work on something that truly matters in every area of the business, but—whatever it is for you—there’s definitely something special about this ever-winding career path.

IT is a consistently steady career choice. The list for the best jobs to hold in 2015 is being overtaken by IT careers. Between surveys taken by Glassdoor and U.S. News (Money), three IT jobs occupy the Top 10. In both surveys, the 11th spot is also taken by an IT position. This is great news for those already employed in one of these roles and offers great potential for those looking at a new career the field.

U.S. News (Money) created the list based on salary, work-life balance, and expected employment growth. Coming in at number three is Software Developer, with Computer Systems Analyst and Information Security Analyst ranked 7th and 8th, respectively. Landing the 11th spot was Web Developer. These results are very similar to Glassdoor’s survey of the 25 Best Jobs in America for 2015. Its list places Software Engineer, Database Administrator, and Data Scientist in spots 2, 7, and 8, with Solutions Architect at number 11. (All of these positions are ones we consistently fill for our clients. Click here for our current openings.

These surveys seem to indicate that, not only is there a great deal of growth and opportunity in IT, but people enjoy working in this industry. If you’re already holding an IT-related position, you already know you’re one of the lucky ones! But, if you’re hoping to luck into a job in IT, now is the time.

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