May Flowers of Recruiting

It’s the first day for your newly hired, all-star employee. Nerves are a little high due to excitement, and both you and your employee are eager to get things rolling. To ensure that this eagerness carries on through the next few months and hopefully long after, be sure to establish clear expectations and goals for you and your employee. When both parties are working toward a common end goal with open communication, a successful workflow is created.

Within the first few weeks, your employee will be diving head-first into the role, and a lot of information will have to be processed. The first few weeks can be a little hectic, and sometimes certain goals can be forgotten. Allow some kinks to get ironed out before addressing major expectations and milestones with the employee. Once the dust has settled, take some time to bring up goals with your all-star whether it involves a 6-month review down the road or a major project you would eventually like to see him or her become involved with. Everyone likes to have an end goal to know their hard work has paid off; it also helps to stay motivated.

With all the time and effort you’ve put into getting this promising candidate as an employee, the last thing you’d want to do once he or she is hired is become non-existent. An unfortunate complaint that turns up commonly from employees is having uninvolved management—especially at such an early stage in their employment term. New hires already have so much to take on when beginning a new job, so one stress that can easily be relieved from the start is being present as a manager or boss. After all, when you’ve hired a great employee, it’s rewarding to see how they blossom into the role.

After exploring the concept “April showers bring May flowers” in last month’s post, it’s crucial to see why nurturing these new employees is so important. You’ve put in effort and time into finding the right employee, so continue to nurture them to ensure continued success for both parties. If you are looking for more advice or tips on how to encourage your employees to be the best they can be, contact one of our skilled recruiters here at The Centrics Group. We place top IT talent every day and have success stories to know what keeps employees thriving.