See Fireworks in New Hires

When people think of successful relationships, the concept is often fueled by the idea of a “spark” that happens. This could be any type of relationship too, personal or professional. People want to know chemistry is present, and that could simply entail personalities clicking just right or egos not colliding. The spark should also be present when a company is hiring a new employee, especially when a large pool of candidates are getting screened for one position. Having that feeling of “this person is great on paper and they’d be perfect for the company culture” can solidify a harmonized company-employee relationship. So what does it take to know there are fireworks with a new hire?

Solid Work Ethic

Every employer wants a hard-working, driven employee that meets deadlines and stays on top of every project—it’s what encourages success overall. When a company has a solid foundation of go-getters and motivated people, the company will thrive and succeed.


Add a great personality to a strong work ethic and that helps build up the spark even more. Strong personalities are present as early as the interview phase, and this is the perfect time to figure out how well the prospect will fit in with current employees. One of the worst things to do is bring a poorly-fitted personality type in to an existing culture where rifts can form and strains become prevalent. It’s not just the employer that needs to see fireworks with a prospect; the personality needs to be the type where there’s fireworks with everyone.


Passion drives success, and if an employee is passionate about the work they do or will do for a company, success will follow. Passionate people often possess genuine qualities that can be very beneficial to an employer; they’re dedicated, loyal, and very driven.

When these qualities are combined in one individual, you can bet that fireworks will happen. These sort of employees are gold to have because they have qualities that can help your company shine. If you’re looking to find an employee that brings fireworks to the workplace, contact one of our many talented recruiters today. Here at The Centrics Group we love placing stellar candidates at great companies, and can guarantee that sparks will fly!