6 Top Hiring Resolutions for 2016

We are already one month into 2016 after kicking off the New Year with new resolutions! Now it’s time to be honest with yourself. Have you kept your resolutions?  You may or may not have set realistic goals, but it is worthwhile to log your core values and beliefs to help guide you and your team in the right direction. As for now, let’s focus on six resolutions to help you and your business breeze through 2016 with a clean state of health and mind!

1. Make a move once you found the right candidate.
If you finally found the ideal candidate, don’t hesitate to contact them! Reach out immediately, schedule the final interview and provide an offer. You want the candidate to know how excited you are to hire them so don’t make them wait. Schedule the final interview in less than two days from the time you make your decision. This will also make the candidate feel more at ease while going forward with the hiring process. Also, more than likely, you are not the only hiring manager out there who has set their eyes on that candidate, so be prepared to face your competition! Here are some guidelines for making the perfect job offer.

2. Limit the number of interviews.
Ideally three is a good number of interview sessions. You don’t want to overwhelm the candidate with several meetings, and if you need to involve more hiring managers in the process, have them join in on the scheduled interviews. Four to eight interviews is excessive, and if you still need to reassure yourself that you found the right candidate, you might need to think more about the position you are hiring for. In addition, throughout the hiring process, be kind to the candidate. Interviews can cause stress, so be considerate of the candidates’ feelings and time.

3. Be specific with job openings.
Provide a precise job description. Indicate the specific roles and responsibilities of the position available. This will help attract suitable candidates, and job seekers will understand the company’s expectations. For example, if the position requires fluency in another language, be sure to stress that in the job posting as it will hopefully limit the number of resumes you receive. Check out our recent blog post about the top ways companies can sell themselves to the right candidates.

4. Invest in employee training.
You may have a very skilled team and rest assured that they will successfully get the job done. However, you may want to consider investing in additional employee training to help your team advance their skills to become top performers in your industry. This will not only benefit the individual’s talents, but it will also ensure your company’s success and professional development.

5. Ask for feedback from your team.
Constructive feedback helps people become the very best they can be. Honesty is important and it’s great to receive input from your team to highlight areas that your company can improve on. Consider setting up an anonymous online survey or form on your intranet that your team can access when necessary. This will help strengthen the professional relationships within your company and will also reassure concerned employees that their voices will be heard.

6. Maintain a healthy, work-life balance in a professional environment: #LoveWhereYouWork.
Create a pleasant work environment for your team. You want your business to be recognized and win awards because your team respects and honors you, right? Get to know your employees and take time out of your day to make them feel appreciated. Allow your team to take time off when necessary and be flexible with their schedules. Also, create a work atmosphere that reinforces respect, drive, motivation, and energy to enable employees to perform at their highest potential.

We hope that these six tricks will assist you and your company with future staffing endeavors!

Here at The Centrics Group, we are always finding and placing great talent—it’s what we do! So if you’re looking to attract an all-star candidate, contact one of our many skilled recruiters today. Stay tuned for next month’s blog!

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