Q1 Update: IT Staffing Trends for 2016

Day after day, there are new skills, certifications and job opportunities arising within the IT industry. Now that we are four months into the year, have you forecasted the next eight months for your staffing business and hiring plan? Let’s take a moment to learn more about the latest trends emerging in 2016.

As we all know, social media platforms with job boards have been on the rise as hiring managers can find candidates and also post job openings. With summer predictions into the next few months, it appears that social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, are forecasted to be the most valuable. New talent can always be found searching job boards and social media, but networking in this day and age is crucial.

Networking ties in with the newest trend which concentrates more on relationship development. Relationships require more time and involvement, but overall, they will reinforce all of the opportunities available, from fulfilling your hiring needs to the bond formed with your staffing agency. In the long-run, both candidates and clients will rely on the staffing agency to meet their needs as the relationship further develops.

Competition is on the rise as more candidates are in search of opportunities. Companies really need to exercise new practices and focus on attracting the most valuable candidates. Talent may not be as difficult to find these days, but you really need to be proactive, so that another company doesn’t steal away your ideal candidate. Think about how you can make yourself stand out from your competitors, so that candidates pay more attention to you. Learn more about spring cleaning your hiring process here.

Passive talent has become more popular, even though it requires more time and energy considering the qualified individuals were not actively searching for a new opportunity. There are more skilled professionals in the industry and even if they are not looking, hiring managers will find them. In addition, more candidates are interested in hearing from staffing firms compared to previous years so keep on staffing!

Overall, the recruiting process has extended itself over the past years as it now takes on average up to 62 or more days to fulfill a position. This is due to the detailed hiring process including background checks, screening, etc. Time is essential but with all of the positions available in today’s IT industry, this will enable the hiring manager to gather all necessary information before the final hire.

As always, brand marketing is critical for your company. Be sure to update your social media pages, website and marketing material to keep up with the times to make your company attract more candidates. Candidates are actively utilizing social media and their mobile devices for the job search, so if your website does not have a responsive interface, it is time for a change.

With all of these new staffing trends, 2016 looks promising and will hopefully be a successful year! Continue utilizing your network along with social media and job boards. Don’t forget to keep your LinkedIn up to date as it seems to be even more popular now than it was back in 2015.

Here at The Centrics Group, we are always finding and placing great talent—it’s what we do! So if you’re looking to attract an all-star candidate, contact one of our many skilled recruiters today. Stay tuned for next month’s blog!

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