How Pokémon Go Helps You Win in The Workplace

If you have ever wondered why there is a horde of children and young adults roaming your neighborhood, parks, and malls while glued to their mobile devices exclaiming they finally caught a Pikachu, then you haven’t heard of Pokémon Go. The mobile app has taken the world by storm with more than 15 million downloads and double the daily users of Facebook.

Using the player’s camera phone and GPS, Pokémon Go creates an augmented reality experience that enables players to find, capture and battle monsters against other local players, also known as trainers, in a virtual world that looks very much like theirs.

With a large millennial following, it may be hard for the typical nonuser aged 35 and up to understand how the Pokémon Go pandemonium can teach us valuable lessons that translate to winning in the workplace. Whether you are seeking an increase in pay or PokéCoins, looking for a promotion or a way to “level up”, wishing for more enjoyment in the workplace or in your personal life, here are five lessons the Pokémon Go craze can teach you about winning in the workplace.

1. Find and Gather Pokémon: Seek Out and Add Valuable Accomplishments to Your Resume

The Pokémon that so many trainers are scrambling to “catch ‘em all” have a range of distinct skills and talents that make them appealing to find and add to a player’s Pokédex. Gathering valuable experiences, awards, certifications, recommendations, and recognition is just as exciting and necessary to add to your professional resume. Maybe it’s gaining one of these profitable IT certifications. or following the steps in this infographic to improve your time management..

2. Advance to Higher Levels: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone to Advance in Your Career

On the journey to becoming a PokéMaster, players must be willing to venture out to new destinations to find unique Pokémon and advance to higher levels in the game. Similarly, in the workplace, employees must step outside their comfort zone and explore new avenues in order to become more well-rounded and advance in a career.

3. Pick a Team: Discover Yourself and Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses

After reaching the fifth level in Pokémon Go, a trainer has the privilege of choosing a team between Team Mystic, Team Valor and Team Instinct. Each team is a fit for different personality types. Trainers who are part of Team Mystic value knowledge and being in control of situations, while Team Instinct trainers are likely to follow their intuition, set their own path and handle challenges as they come. On the other hand, Team Valor trainers are very competitive and motivated by winning at any cost. It’s important to have different personality types on a team because they all bring unique skills and perspectives to the table. Identifying your skills, strengths and weaknesses is essential to contributing to the team you are part of and fostering innovation.

4. Work with Your Team: Build Camaraderie to Win in Pokémon Go and in The Workplace

Forming alliances in Pokémon Go helps you combine the different levels, experience and varying Pokémon strengths to overpower other teams. Much like in the work place, a task, although not necessarily meant for taking down competition, is best handled with cooperation, diversity in skills and opinions, and good communication. Teamwork is essential to winning in the workplace.

5. Build Relationships: What the Pokémon Go Community Can Teach Us About Forming a Social Network in the Real World

The augmented reality game has caused people to get off their couches and experience the real world by connecting with other players they meet along the way. The explosive success of the game is not due to simply winning the game, but the joy of connecting with other players and coming together in unity to help each other win.

You should leverage your unique experiences and skills to connect with people. A big part of finding a successful job and being happy depends on the relationships you develop with people around you. Who you know often carries more weight than what you know.

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