Up-and-Coming IT Jobs of 2017

For 2017 job seekers, information technology is the place to be. Industry forecasters foresee high demand and growth in the IT field this year. Jobs in tech are estimated to grow 22% by 2020, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), with some occupations faring better than others. So what are the hottest jobs in IT? This ever-growing industry is constantly full of new opportunities, but four jobs with predicted high growth rates this year are IT Manager, Data Scientist, Information Security Analyst, and Software Engineer. If you’re looking to change career paths or seek a new field, these are definitely areas to consider. Not sure what these jobs entail? Don’t worry, here’s a full rundown of these fast-growing professions.

IT Manager

IT managers spend their time making sure technology is running smoothly in their office space. They maintain hardware and software and keep all the internal tech up-to-date. When it’s time to overhaul technology, these folks lead the charge. IT managers also focus on maintaining the integrity of sensitive information, guiding their security teams to prevent security breaches. IT managers maintain a well-staffed and educated team to work toward achieving the larger IT goals of the organization.

On average, IT managers make $131,600 a year, and the position is expected to have a 15% growth increase according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is because business technology is evolving rapidly, requiring a stronger technology infrastructure and a greater degree of technology management. For instance, as technology grows more important in the healthcare space, IT Management jobs in this industry will see significant growth.

Data Scientist

If you love numbers and can create compelling stories from the information gleaned, becoming a data scientist might be for you. Data scientists take big data and turn it into information businesses can use to drive sales and reach their target audiences. Being a data scientist requires a broad range of skills, including coding and statistical analysis. Familiarity with SAS and other software is a must.

Growth in this field is up 16% according to Business Insider, and the demand for those who can perform the statistical analysis required and translate it into information businesses can use is continuing to grow. Data scientists can plan on making an annual salary of $128,240.

Software Engineer

Every app and program you use on your computers had its start in the mind of a software engineer. These creative techies come up with the ideas for applications and/or the systems that help run them. Software engineers work with the programmers who lay down the code to create beautiful, streamlined apps and programs and ensure they work perfectly for the end user. Software engineers ensure updates function properly and programs are user friendly. Creative problem solving skills are a must for this position.

We can expect to see a 17% growth in the software engineering field, once again fueled by a growth in need for software in the health care industry, as patient records become digital and software is needed to manage changes to healthcare policy. Software Engineers make $100,690 on average.

Information Security Analyst

Hackers are on the forefront of every IT manager’s mind, and an information security analyst is the main line of defense against cyberattacks. Using firewalls and other tools, information security analysts work to protect sensitive information from landing in the hands of outsiders. They test the protections in place to ensure the safety of their systems and prevent future attacks. Information security analysts must stay up-to-date on all cyber vulnerabilities to maintain security.

Due to the ever-increasing digitalization of sensitive information, the growth rate for information security analysts can be expected to be 18%. The federal government is looking to increase positions like this to help protect our nation’s critical data. All in all, the demand to keep information secure is higher than ever. As an information security analyst, one can expect to make $90,120 on average. Though that number can increase significantly when certain high-level IT certifications are obtained.

As our society becomes more and more dependent on technology, jobs in the IT sector will continue to see growth. In 2017, these four jobs will be areas to watch in the IT world as growth is driven by the continued digitalization of information and our reliance on IT expands.

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