Hiring Resolutions to Make for the New Year


Hiring Goals for 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Have you started your new year’s resolution list yet? You might have some personal goals, but what about setting some goals for your 2019 hiring practices? Add a few of these to your list to start out this new year with the right mindset. #1—Be Clear about… Read more »

Closing the Cloud and Cybersecurity Talent Gap


Cloud and Cybersecurity Talent Gap

It’s no secret that hackers are becoming more and more skilled, and in today’s digital world, companies large and small are recognizing the importance of having a robust cybersecurity arsenal in place. Cloud has become another crucial component of modern business. With the threats and needs facing businesses constantly changing, the need for skilled cybersecurity… Read more »

How to Find Freelancers for Your Business


how to find freelancers

In today’s tech-driven world, the bounds of an office exist far beyond its four walls, and freelancers are hotter than ever. Freelancers help you grow your business with less overhead, are quicker to hire, and are top-quality candidates. But how do you know that working with a freelancer is the right move for your business?… Read more »

Giving Employee Feedback that Matters


Giving Employee Feedback

Giving employee feedback that helps your team improve is no easy task. When doing performance evaluations or meeting one-on-one, it’s tempting to focus on either only the positive or the negative in the meeting. According to studies, 37% of managers feel uncomfortable giving feedback. Employees need to hear from you when they’re doing well (and… Read more »

Preventing the Breakdown of Communication During the Interview Process


communication during the interview process

One of the biggest complaints from candidates is the lack of communication during the interview process. Hiring managers have a lot on their plates, and the occasional check-in e-mail or phone call during a process that can take anywhere from weeks to months can easily fall to the wayside. Communication breakdowns appear to be a… Read more »

Preparing for The Interview of Your Life


You’ve been studying and working all these years for this moment – the C-level interview. You’re probably a little nervous, but you also know you have the experience and knowledge to be great at the job. Try these tips to polish your answers and nail the interview. Prepare stories that showcase your leadership abilities If… Read more »

The Future is the Cloud – The Most Lucrative Cloud Certifications


As cloud becomes a more crucial part of any company’s IT ecosystem, the hunt for cloud professionals continues to heat up. As a job seeker, having the right cloud certification can make you stand out among other applicants and help you get your next big gig. But it can be hard to decide which certification… Read more »

How Can Company Culture Attract Top Talent and Loyal Customers?


Despite the primary emphasis by most company leaders on things like sales goals, progressive benchmarks, and industry awards, most organizations are truly defined by their Talent Brand more than we’d like to think. Talent Brand, often known as “company culture” describes the unique personality of your business. It’s not stated outright like your mission statement,… Read more »

HR + Marketing Forever


HR and Marketing Are Meant to Be

How Getting Along Builds the Talent Brand HR and Marketing may seem like an odd couple, but contrary to popular belief, these two key groups don’t have to be mere business acquaintances. The truth is, the whole company can benefit immensely when these two departments play nice and join forces to collaboratively build a brilliant… Read more »

Inside the Mind of a Financial Wizard  


The Best Personality Types for Accounting and Finance Jobs Personality type can be an astute indicator of how satisfied an individual will be in his or her job. In fact, many employers today utilize various personality tests to determine how well a candidate is likely to thrive in a certain position. Examining personality type is… Read more »