Flexible Permanent and Temporary Staffing Solutions

The Centrics Group can help you improve productivity, maximize profitability and improve the efficiency of your business. Whether you choose permanent, contract-to-permanent or contract staffing solutions, our recruiting team will connect you with the candidate that best suits your company’s needs and culture.

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Staffing Options:

Contract Staffing Solutions:

Contract employees are optimal for companies with critical project deadlines or peak periods. With contract/temporary employees from The Centrics Group you can:

  • Eliminate costs of payroll and benefits, often up to 30% of a full-time employee’s salary package.
  • Improve production with temporary employees that are trained and ready to hit the ground running.
  • Reduce burden on full-time employees; improve performance and morale.

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Contract-to-Permanent Staffing Solutions:

Contract-to-permanent employees are optimal for companies that want a low-risk option for hiring full-time employees. With contract-to-hire employees from The Centrics Group you can: 

  • Avoid investing in the wrong candidate; maximize your company’s profitability while minimizing risk.
  • Take your time to assess whether the candidate is a good fit, both technically and in personality.
  • Onboard employees quickly without getting tied up in tedious internal hiring processes.

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Permanent Staffing Solutions

Permanent employees are optimal for companies looking for the stability of a full-time employee. Some benefits of using The Centrics Group for hiring a permanent employee are:

  • Find the best candidates – even passive candidates who are not actively looking and won’t respond to job postings, but will take a recruiter’s call.
  • Save money with a service that replaces your total cost of advertising, recruiting and lost production time. 

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