Territory: Atlanta
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Hobbies: I enjoy coaching middle school baseball and middle school football. I also enjoy playing golf, tennis and traveling with my wife, Lane, 14 yr. old son, Joseph, 12 yr. old son, Asher and 7 yr. old daughter, Regan.
Interesting Fact: I help coach golf for the Special Olympics and the young man that I coached won a gold medal in the 2010 Special Olympics.
Favorite TV Show: Ballers
Favorite Sports Team: FSU and Dallas Cowboys
Favorite Food: Steak
Best vacation you have had: Two-week trip to Germany, Prague and Paris
Background Experience: Been in a sales role since 1991 and in staffing for 10 years.
Why I enjoy IT staffing: I enjoy putting people to work.
Best Words of Advice: 100% effort every day.

Position: Senior Client Services ManagerEmail: rtrlica@thecentricsgroup.comPhone: (678) 684-0120