As if considering a job change isn’t daunting enough in and of itself, there’s the pain and anguish of trolling job boards, polishing and distributing your resume, landing and coordinating interviews, ultimately culminating in my least favorite part: negotiating employment details! Most of us have been approached by a recruiter with the promise of “streamlining the process, helping you find a great job fit without the headaches and hassles,” only to find that they’re not there when you need them and constantly there when you don’t! Imagine my surprise when I was contacted by Tom from The Centrics Group and he actually did what he said he was going to do, was personable and professional, responsive and communicative, and genuinely seemed to be working on my behalf! It was hands down the best experience I’ve had working with a recruiting company. I would highly recommend The Centrics Group. Thank you, Tom!

Patterson, Placed Candidate